Ken Fasola

Sandi served as the SVP and Chief Human Resource Officer during my eight years as the President and CEO of HealthMarkets Over our years together I watched Sandi, with a small but talented team, dramatically transform our people systems, performance management, coaching and talent development. Her personality and communication style quickly builds trust and confidence allowing her to get at root causes or underlying strengths and weaknesses critical to getting the right individuals in the right roles. Finally, she led the integration of all human resource aspects of our acquisition, allowing the company to focus on maintaining and honoring its commitments while staying well ahead of plan. I highly recommend Sandi Knight in any of her professions as a CHRO, an Executive Coach or HR Consultant. Great companies while defined by their leaders are built by their people. That doesn’t happen without the kind of leadership, experience and candid and constructed counsel Sandi brings with her each and every day.

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