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In 2020 HR Departments were turned upside down and the Human Resources function completely changed, literally, overnight. COVID-19 put the spotlight on the CHRO and the HR organization, just as the recession did in 2008–2009 for the CFO and finance function. In the past few months, we have seen a greater appreciation for the breadth of what HR does and can do: It has been essential in everything from monitoring workforce sentiment, to establishing connections between organizational leaders. A strong company culture is a competitive advantage.  But building one that positively influences your employees’ performance isn’t easy. Your People Practices, how you build or transform your culture matters more than ever. 

Now more than ever, as organizations grapple with breathing life into their culture. If you’re a small business, your human resources department or lack thereof, can be a source of constant anxiety. You may not feel that you are big enough yet to really need a human resources department, but at the same time, you cannot succeed unless you have someone who can find and recruit the right people in your organization.

One solution for those who need human resource process help for small business is reliable small business HR consulting. A good HR consulting firm can help you get the most out of your human resource department, no matter how big or small that HR department is. Knight HR Consulting provides the services to fill in the gaps. 

You may find that the cost of good business advice for human resource departments is far outweighed by the benefits. After all, your employees are the backbone of your company, and if they are not communicating or working well, your company cannot succeed.

That path must be paved not only with good intentions, but with meaningful change. In a post-COVID world, Organizations face a choice between returning to a post-COVID world that is simply an improved version of yesterday or building one that is a sustainable version of tomorrow. The risk is greater than ever. Your People Practices, how you build or transform your culture matters more than ever. 

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